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Real Life Inspiration For Your Wall Gallery ~ Colorific – Denver, Colorado Portrait Photographer

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Real-life Inspiration for your Wall Gallery – Wall Clusters – Denver, Colorado Newborn Photographer

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Need some cluster display ideas? Look no further as today’s preview of wall art is all about clusters and how to fill that blank space in your home.

{via Aimee Nelson}

{via Jen Herem Photography}

{via Peekaboo Photography}

{via Peekaboo Photography}

{via Peekaboo Photography}




Real-life Inspiration for your Wall Gallery – Size it Up – Denver, CO Family Photographer

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Thought I would share this picture depicting the difference in sizing of frames. Below are two frames a 8×10 and 24×36.  Many times, people buy a 8×10 to hang on their wall to display. I don’t think this is wrong, however, the photo should be placed in a location that fit’s a 8×10 perfectly. You can see in the photo below, if you were to place the 8×10 frame on the wall, it would look incredibly small and not make much a of statement. On the other hand, the 24×36 would stand out and make for a beautiful display.






Real-life Inspiration for your Wall Gallery – Never a Dull Wall Again – Denver, CO Family Photographer

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Sorry I missed the last two wall gallery inspiration Wednesdays. Life has been busy and unfortunately this blog tends to take back burner.

Hope you all are having a great start to September. It has be absolutely beautiful here in Denver with 60-70 temps for the past two weeks! I am loving it! I love Summer, but my favorite time is Fall! It’s the time of year that makes me want to cozy up in a blanket, drink some hot cocoa, read a book, cook delicious smelling food, decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving….ahhh I could go on.

During this time, I fully intend to revamp a few of my newly painted walls and add some beautiful photos of my daughter and family to them. Here are a few inspiration photos that I like and most likely will incorporate into my decorating.

How cute this round mirror nestled around all those frames!

{via so haute and domino}

{via Kasey Buick}

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Real-life Inspiration for your Wall Gallery – Inspiration for Your Soul – Denver, CO Family Photographer

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Happy Wednesday!

“I dream of a better tomorrow,

where chickens can cross the road


not have their motives questioned” – unknown

Hope that made you smile 🙂 Now enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful rest of the day!

{ image via The Savvy Photographer}

I love this idea!

{image via design scouting}

Fun way to display your child’s art work!

{image via Censational Girl}



Real-life Inspiration for your Wall Gallery – Love Your Displays – Denver, CO Portrait Photographer

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Another edition of real life wall gallery inspiration!

I love this weeks pictures as they are full of color and from real homes!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

{image from The house of Smiths}

{image from momtog}

{image from Jenny Brown}



Real-life Inspiration for your Wall Gallery – Your life Framed – Denver, CO Portrait Photographer

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In today’s society, we are all WAY to busy. Busy trying to juggle life and the many obstacles it brings us. I love my busy life, I love my busy family, but what I really love is coming home to OUR home. I love walking in and knowing that we have made this place our home, filled with pictures and the beautiful memories we have and are making each day. Our pictures we have hung, are what makes me forget about the bad day I might have had and let go of issues that are weighing on my shoulders. It’s not because it’s just a picture, it’s a picture of our life captured in a single moment, that I can reflect back on and smile…and maybe sometimes cry because I know my daughter will never be that small again, because she too is growing up way to fast.

This post comes from my personal side only because I know how fast life happens. We all need to have those special moments hanging on our walls to enjoy and smile at. So my dears here is some inspiration to get you thinking about where to hang your special moments!



Real-life Inspiration for your Wall Gallery – Let Your Creativity Flow – Denver, Colorado Photographer

· April 20, 2011 · 4:36 pm · Boutique Products, Colorado Wall Gallery, Custom Framing

And were back with another edition of wall inspiration for your own home. This weeks inspiration comes from within my inner creative side (and others) of course. Since these are not my own ideas, but others; I can gather inspiration from them and design my own wall art gallery. You will find this weeks inspiration to be creative and fun.  So what are we waiting for, let’s see….

I love this first image, as it’s so simple and elegant. I would have never thought about hanging a photo in a window. It would have to be done just right like this picture though.

{image copyright via Kara May}

Another creative idea to display your photos.

{image copyright via PhotoJojo}

How awesome is this? A whole wall plastered with one image! I love the feel this black and white photo brings to the room. This would be awesome in a loft or a open, well lit space.

{image copyright via Apartment Therapy}

This display is great for your kiddos to hang their own art on as well 🙂

{image copyright via}



Real-life Inspiration for your Wall Gallery – Colorado Boutique Products

· March 31, 2011 · 5:15 pm · Boutique Products, Colorado Wall Gallery, Custom Framing

Sometimes deciding where to display your photographs and family heirlooms can be the most difficult decision in the process of family photography. There are all sorts of questions we ask ourselves in deciding what photographs we want, and the placement of each of them. While I still haven’t mastered the art of decorating, I sure have learned a lot from various sources. One of them being my Uncle, whom declares himself a master home interior decorator. You can usually find him carrying around the latest edition of House Beautiful or Country Living just to name a few. When ever he is over, he always provides his thoughts on my style. Whether it be welcoming ideas or not, I usually take his advice and it turns out looking great!

Because I know I’m not the only one is this boat,  I am sharing some inspirational photos for you. My hopes are to share inspirational photos with you weekly 🙂 However, we know how one week can slip by to the next. If you have photos you would like me to share, please send them to me and I will post them, of course giving you credit for such great ideas!

{image copyright Lena Hyde with}

{image copyright Design Aglow}

{image copyright Gina Neary with}



Organic Bloom – Denver, CO Custom Framing

· March 29, 2011 · 7:24 pm · Boutique Products, Custom Framing

The Vintage Cupcake Photography is excited to announce that we are a distributor of a boutique line of custom, handmade frames from The Organic Bloom! Several different frames and over 50 colors to choose from they will be sure to match any decor! The options to customize your frames and pictures are limitless. Check out The Organic Bloom for pictures of all their great products.

These exclusive frames are not sold in stores so be sure to contact me for more information!

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