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Gorgeous Stylized Session ~ Denver, Colorado Portrait Photographer

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Tractor Pullin’ ~ Arapahoe County Fair – Denver, Colorado Portrait Photographer

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Pull up your boot straps, were headed to the Arapahoe County Fair. I may talk a bit twang in this post only because it’s fun and I rarely ever get to do it. Note, I also talk pirate as well on national talk like a pirate day. But that’s not today.

So fellers and ladies have yer ever heard of tractor pulling’? If not, no worries. I hadn’t either until  a good friend of mine introduced me to one of her favorite hobbies. Here’s a bit o’ history on the sport: “Tractor pulling  also known as power pulling, is a motorsport competition, popular in America, Europe (especially in the Netherlands), Australia and Brazil, which requires modified tractors to pull a heavy sledge (sled) along a 35 ft wide and length of 100 meter or 300 ft+ track, with the winner being the tractor that pulls the sledge farthest. The sport is known as the world’s most powerful motorsport, due to the multi-engined modified tractor pullers. All tractors, in their respective classes, pull a set weight in the sledge. When a tractor gets to the end of the 100 metre (300 feet) track this is known as a “full pull”. When more than one tractor completes the course, more weight is added to the sledge, and those competitors that went past 300 feet will have a pull-off; the winner is the one who can pull the sledge the farthest.”

Ok, so seriously these little tractors have some serious get up and go and did I mention they get loud? Yes, they get very loud and some do fun tricks too. The pink tractor whistles at you! But who can’t resist the pink tractor? It’s cute, adorable and has a hot little mama named Kamo Kristie that drives it like it should be driven! I love all the little details her and husband have put into making this tractor unique. Wouldn’t you agree?

For the kiddo’s that aren’t quite ready to drive their own tractor have their own version of the sport too. Mini tractor pulling’ as they call it! Those kids had a blast racing against each other and seeing who could pull the most weight.

We had a great time at fair and saw some very cute animals too. If you have a chance, head on down to your local fair grounds and get yer some good ole food and have some fun!

















New Custom CD Case ~ Denver, CO Portrait Family Photographer

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Getting new products in is like Christmas for all year long! Seriously love getting things in the mail…I even enjoy getting the mail. Though it’s usually all bills, I’m still waiting for my million dollar check arrive sometime. I can dream can’t I?

With re-doing my branding and changing my business logo, it was time to order some new products. Please welcome the newest item to my product buying obsession 🙂 CD tins! They are cute, heavy duty and fun to store your CD in with all your fabulous images! For those clients that purchase the CD option will receive their custom designed CD in one of these adorable tins! Love? Me too!





Mine on Monday ~ Her Pink Shoes ~ Denver, Colorado Child Photographer

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My daughter is currently going through a shoe fascination stage! What I’m not sure about is when this phase will pass…and if she’s like most girls I know, this will never end! Oy, I have my hands full already 🙂 As a child I remember having these same plastic shoes that I loved to dress up in and pretend to be just like my mom. I loved wearing them and walking on hard surfaces so I could hear them click and clack as I walked. Haylee does the same thing…though sometimes she get’s those shoes on the wrong feet. I keep thinking they must be uncomfortable, be she somehow keeps wearing them. Enjoy




Mine on Monday ~ Kentucky Travels via Instagram – Denver, Colorado Family Portrait Photographer

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A week and a half ago, I traveled to the great state of Kentucky. I’ve never been there before and was excited to see what it was all about. While I did take my nice camera, it was way to hot and humid for me to take it out, so I choose to photograph my favorite places via Instagram and share them here with you. I think you will enjoy it, plus Instagram is so much fun anyways, I had a great time with it as well!

For most of the trip, we hung out in Bardstown, Kentucky. If you have never been, I highly suggest you visit in quaint little town. It’s full of history, bourbon, music and southern hospitality. Though, I didn’t pick up any southern accent, I did enjoy the bestest (yes that is word in my vocabulary) sweet tea! I love sweet tea, but you really don’t know sweet tea until you have it from the south. I also loved seeing “My Old Kentucky Home” while we were there. It is beautiful and full of history…a definite must see!

In the short time I was there, I met so many new people as well. All were wonderful and people I wished I could be around all the time. Maybe one day, I can call Kentucky my home 🙂 For now, I’m back in beautiful Colorado, enjoying the summer and trying to stay cool! I hope you all are doing the same!





July What to Wear Style Guide ~ Denver, Colorado Family and Newborn Photographer

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We're Live! Check out our new look! ~ Denver, Colorado Portrait Photographer

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So excited to launch the new look of The Vintage Cupcake Photography! Come, relax and look around our new site and blog!


xoxo – Angela

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I play many different roles in my life, but boring is not one of them. I'm silly, quarky, completly honest and try to live life to it's fullest. I put my heart and soul into photography and take great pride in my work and making sure my clients leave with beautiful works of art they can cherish forever.

I love natural light photography and love working outdoors, however, I have a dedicated studio with professional grade lighting, props and decors specifically for newborns and young children. I adore creating art with color and light. Client galleries are a variety of work tailored to their preferences and edited to my style.

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